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What is Sync Ninja?

Sync Ninja takes your code and turns it into services that you can call via an API. With Sync Ninja, you can link services into a complex backend, run them in multiple global locations to minimize latency or deploy them in your on-premise data center.

Here's how it works

1. Deploy your code on Sync Ninja

It's never been easier to deploy your code to the cloud. Build using the language of your choice (JavaScript, Python, Java or even Docker), then run syncninja deploy. We provision a scalable infrastructure that's already capable of running your code.

2. Customize your service

Sync Ninja looks at your code and makes informed decisions about the stack it needs, but developers like control, so we allow you to customize your OS, software stack or the CPU/RAM spec.

3. Define how the service is called

Services are very flexible blocks, that you can either expose via an HTTP API, or link toghether to build a complex backend. You can reuse services in multiple logical workflows in order to minimize code duplication.

4. Choose where it runs

Once the service is ready, you can select where it runs. You can either run it globally, in which case it will always run close to where the request is coming from, or lock it to a specific data center (even your own, on-premise, data center).

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